Health & Fitness Applications for the iPhone/iPod


It’s the end of year and time to make those New Years resolutions. One common resolution that is on everybody’s list is to exercise, eat right and to lose weight. Here are a couple of iPhone/iPod touch applications that can help you do just that. Some applications are free but some are well worth the money if they’re going to keep you  in shape and help you lose weight.  All the applications listed are available for the iPhone or iPod Touch but some applications are also available on the Blackberry.

Lose it! – Use this application to set goals and track the calories you’re consuming. The interface makes this application easy to use and you can add your friends for support and motivation. You can also sync the information to an online account to keep track of your progress.

Nike + iPod – The Nike sport kit tracks your run or cardio workout with a sensor that can be added to any shoe, not just a Nike + shoe although the Nike + shoes have a built in pocket. The sensor keeps track of your time, distance, pace, and calories burned and sync the data automatically when you connect your iPod or iPhone back to your computer.

iFitness – Tired of doing the same old workout routines? This application is like having a personal trainer with custom workouts and pre-set routines with videos to show you the correct form for doing the exercise.

Dietician – This application creates meal plans and figures out what meals you should be eating and creates a grocery list. – This website and application helps you log the foods you’re eating quickly while also providing useful information on what you’re eating. In addition to just giving you the calories, it also tracks 36 nutrients so you know the benefits of what you’re eating.


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One Response to “Health & Fitness Applications for the iPhone/iPod”

  1. Imerson Says:

    Watch out for FitDeck Mobile! Coming soon on the iPhone

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